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Biden leading RFK Jr. by 53 points in new survey

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Biden leading RFK Jr. by 53 points in new survey image

Biden leading RFK Jr. by 53 points in new survey.

President Biden is comfortably leading his declared primary challengers for the 2024 race, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday.

The poll found that 70 percent of Democratic-leaning voters surveyed support Biden in a 2024 primary, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. drawing 17 percent support and Marianne Williamson pulling in support from 8 percent of those surveyed.

According to the study 42 percent of people polled think positively of Biden compared to 54 percent who think negatively of him. For More Information….

Kennedy had a 31 percent favorability rating, while 26 percent viewed him unfavorably and 43 percent said they hadn’t heard enough aout him.

The poll found 72 percent of those surveyed hadn’t heard enough about Williamson to form an opinion.

A margin of error of 2.2 % points the Quinnipiac survey had which was conducted between June 8 and June 12.

The survey results come as Kennedy has polled in double digits in some recent surveys, feeding into speculation about whether Biden is vulnerable to a primary challenge.

But White House allies and Democratic strategists have dismissed Kennedy’s polling largely as a result of strong name identification, and they note that his anti-vaccine views, his positions on the war in Ukraine and his stances on mass shootings are all in opposition to widely supported beliefs among Democratic voters.

The Democratic National Committee has backed Biden’s reelection bid, meaning there will not be debates sanctioned by the party for the primary process.

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