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Budowsky: Why Bidenomics can defeat Trumpism over and over again

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Budowsky: Why Bidenomics can defeat Trumpism over and over again image

Budowsky: Why Bidenomics can defeat Trumpism over and over again.

There has been a lot of talk from the White House this week about Bidenism —

that is, President Biden’s approach to governing. Let’s consider Bidenism to Trumpism and the governing style of the many other Republicans running for president.

One part of Bidenism involves Bidenomics, which attempts to lift the economy from the bottom up, not the top down, with prosperity and success reaching society as a whole. Which is exactly what is happening during the Biden presidency — a dramatic shift from the Trump era and a historic achievement.

Trumpism is selfishness in the extreme, trying to exploit anything and everything for the wealthy. When so many Republican insiders back Donald Trump, or make excuses for him, they leave countless Americans behind in ways Biden never would.

Prominent Republicans who support unselfish economics or seek a more widely prosperous society are ignored or mocked by Trump and Trumpists. But these Republicans are sought out by Biden as bipartisan partners, with occasional success.

Biden’s seeking of bipartisan allies and partners led to the first two years of his presidency being among the most successful in history. The low jobless rate, declining prescription drugs prices, major rebuilding of American infrastructure, significant progress against climate change and other achievements are dramatic and historic.

The success of Bidenomics — and Bidenism —

continued this year with a dramatic victory extending the debt ceiling and the prevention of a global economic crisis. This won the support of a long list of Democrats and Republicans including House Speaker Kevin McCarthy R Calif. whom I and many others gave credit.

The Trump way of governing involves little bipartisanship and a preternatural bitterness, divisiveness and polarization in every direction.

Democracy has always been at the heart of Biden and Bidenism but is anathema to Trump and Trumpism.

For Biden, Bidenism and Democrats, voting rights are at the heart of the matter and the coin of the real America. Trump, Trumpists and many modern Republicans practice voter suppression and election denialism, claiming they won elections they lost.

While the Supreme Court has become more unpopular in recent years, Biden, other Democrats and a long list of civil rights activists persisted and are overjoyed with decisions this week that mark a significant shift toward voting rights.

Bidenism reached a historic zenith in Biden’s support for the heroic President Volodymyr Zelensky and the people of Ukraine in their battle for their freedom and democracy.

The best path to victory for Biden and Democrats in 2024 is to sing the songs of patriotism, unity, freedom and democracy. They must make the case for Bidenomics and Bidenism and the Biden way of governing. They must tout his enormous achievements and all the good they have done for Americans and the world.

And critically,

President Biden should list the goals he would seek to fulfill in a second term, and how he would achieve them through bipartisan support.

Biden should reach out boldly and sincerely to House and Senate Republicans who would be open to bipartisan action — to lower prescription drug prices further; to achieve bipartisan immigration and border reform; to bring greater broadband to all Americans; to mobilize Americans to support abortion rights; to advance security and democracy across Ukraine and throughout Europe; and take other important actions that our people want and need.

Biden and Bidenism is what Americans want to govern our country. Trump and Trumpism is what most Americans want to forget.

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