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Chinese soldiers practicing encircling Taiwan! everyday no days off

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chinese warship near taiwan image

A Chinese vessel shoots at the coastline during a military rehearsal near the Taiwan-controlled Matsu Islands close to the Chinese coast

China’s military has already begun simulating encircling Taiwan during three days of military drills.

The move was branded as a “stern warning” to the island’s government by Beijing, which regards Taiwan as a province that split away from China.

The exercises began a few hours after President Tsai Ing-trip Wen’s visit to the US concluded.

The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said that China’s military crossed the Taiwan Strait middle line with eight ships and 42 planes.

The line unofficially divides Taiwanese territory from Chinese territory.

The military drills will “simultaneously arrange patrols and advances encircling Taiwan island, forming an all-around encirclement and deterrent position,” according to China state media.

The Chinese military has also dispatched “long-range rocket artillery, navy destroyers, missile boats, air force fighters, bombers, jammers, and refuellers,” according to the statement.

Taiwan considers itself to be a sovereign state with its government and constitution.

Yet, China views the island as a secessionist province that will ultimately be subdued – maybe even by force. According to China President Xi Jinping, Taiwan’s “reunification” “will be accomplished.”

The “encirclement” of Taiwan is being seen as a reaction to Taiwan’s President Tsai’s meeting with US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on Wednesday, even though China often conducts exercises in this area.

In response to “continuing authoritarian expansionism” from China, President Tsai said that her administration will continue to cooperate with the US and other democracies.

she gave these remarks in a meeting in Taipie which was headed by Michael MrCaul the chairman of he House Foreign Affairs committee. everyday no days off

Washington is aiming to arm Taiwan with weapons “not for war, but for peace,” according to Mr. McCaul.

A very easy guide to China and Taiwan
Why are there tensions between China and Taiwan?
Nonetheless, people in Taiwan’s capital Taipei seemed unconcerned by China’s most recent moves.

As it seems to be happening once again, I think most Taiwanese are used to it by now!

Michael Chuang added: “They [China] appear to enjoy doing it, encircling Taiwan as if it were their own. Now, I’m accustomed to it.

If they come in, we won’t be able to get away. We’ll wait and see what the future holds before moving further.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theatre Command said that China’s three-day “United Sharp Sword” operation near Taiwan will go through Monday.

Taiwan’s defense ministry has said that the country’s reaction to China’s exercises would be based on the principle of “neither escalating conflicts, neither creating disputes to preserve our national sovereignty and security.”

When Nancy Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy’s predecessor, visited Taipei in August of last year, China conducted exercises in the vicinity of Taiwan for over a week.

The exercises, the largest exhibition of Chinese military strength in a long time, included the deployment of warships, fighter jets, and the firing of ballistic missiles.


chinese ships in taiwan image

chinese ships sails in the taiwan strait image

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