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Imran Khan said that they would protest in the streets if the court’s ruling is not followed.

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Imran Khan addresses a television conference in Lahore

Imran Khan appreciated the decision of court and said that we are getting closer to the rule of Law in lahore, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

According to the specifics, Imran Khan claimed that there had never been justice in our nation from the start, that the constitution was being broken by elevating the ideology of necessity, and that there is justice in both rich and poor nations while speaking at PTI’s day of thanksgiving for the Supreme Court’s ruling. Remember that justice exists only in civilized societies; I am the law of the jungle.

PDM wants to avoid the election

We will all leave if the Supreme Court’s decision is disregarded or if it violates the Constitution, according to Imran Khan, who said that the PDM group is trying to avoid holding the poll. He added that those who do this would disrespect the court.

Efforts to remove the Supreme Court are still being made.

Imran Khan said that these individuals are attempting to sway the Supreme Court to further their interests. Their only goal is to thwart elections and to do this, they are stoking tension inside the Supreme Court.

The former prime minister said that in the past, he had assaulted Chief Justice Nawaz Sharif just before making a judgment and then used the money to force the Chief Justice out of office. The PTI and the establishment are the targets of their second effort.

The families of Supreme Court justices have been the target of propaganda.

The former prime minister said during a speech at Liberty Chowk that when the Supreme Court ordered elections to be held in 90 days, threats and propaganda against the families of Supreme Court justices began. The judges are in danger.

The only issue, according to Imran Khan, was that the courts opened at midnight after our government was deposed.

The former prime minister remarked that although inflation was 12 percent during our time, it is currently 36 percent in the nation’s economic position.
We have plans to change situations in the future, Said Imran khan. Yet, they claim that we lack cash and that the economy is in decline, so how will the monies materialize in October? Recognize that until elections are conducted, the people’s faith in the administration does not increase and that investors in this country do not know what will happen in the next month. Who will invest such money if elections are not held? For their gain and to avoid the election, these individuals are leading Pakistan into a trap.

More than fifty-seven cities in Pakistan broadcast the speech of the PTI chairman live, and screens were set up for viewers to see the former prime minister’s speech, which attracted a sizable audience.

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