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Is the Hunter Biden Investigation Dead?

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Is the Hunter Biden Investigation Dead? image

Is the Hunter Biden Investigation Dead? image

Hunter Biden seemed as if he might face criminal charges. However that investigation might not be going in that direction anymore.

What happens when a whistleblower comes forward, but in retaliation receives a change in duties and working conditions?

That is what has reportedly happened to one whistleblower in the investigation of Hunter Biden.

The unnamed person who came forward alleged through an attorney that the Department of Justice “interfered” with the IRS investigatory team who was looking into alleged tax improprieties by Hunter Biden.

Hunter might not have filed tax returns and might have misstated his income on other IRS forms, if allegations are correct. After the whistleblower’s attorney said the case against the president’s son was being undermined by “preferential treatment and politics,” the whistleblower and his entire investigatory team were reportedly moved into other positions

What Is Going on with the Hunter Biden Investigation?

The unnamed IRS criminal supervisory special agent was reportedly preparing to testify in front of Congress. The House Ways and Means Committee was interested in hearing from the whistleblower and how this person would avoid breaking taxpayer confidentiality guidelines. The person was believed to be planning to testify that the investigation into Hunter was being slow-walked for political reasons.

Conservative commentator Armstrong Williams told the National Desk on May 22 that the reported action against the whistleblower is a punch in the gut to the overall investigation into Hunter’s taxes.

“This is the narrative that this administration wants in the press. When you remove the entire investigative team you have to start from scratch, you have to get together with a team report and figure out what the information is,” he said. “This administration has made a decision with the Justice Department that Hunter Biden will be charged if anything with taxes and it will be a slap on the wrist.”

Williams does not believe the investigation has a chance to bring Hunter Biden to justice after the retaliation due to the White House protecting the president’s son.

“We need not remind the listeners that Hunter Biden is the son of the President of the United States, and the President of the United States has made an emotional decision, not a decision whether someone is above the law that his son is going to protect him even in his criminal activities,” Williams said. “He’s got to protect them until the bitter end and that’s the decision he made as a father. This investigation is going nowhere. They removed the whistleblower, and this is the narrative that they’re putting out there talking about everything but his criminal activity.”

Whistleblowers Are Supposed to Protected

Whistleblowers who articulate an allegation of illegal activity are required to be protected from retaliation. Changing their job or sending them to another department is considered retaliation. The IRS says on their web site that they always protect the role of whistleblowers and that there are ample guidelines and procedures in place that allow them to come forward without retaliation.

In a Senate hearing in March Attorney General Merrick Garland said that his office would not interfere in the investigation into Hunter that was being handled by Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss.

Even if Hunter Biden is charged with a felony according to Williams it won’t be a serious one since no charges have been filed against him yet. But Hunter’s attorneys met with Justice Department officials on April 26 to discuss the case. Such a meeting is often a sign that charges are imminent.

Hunter’s attorneys have not commented on the whistleblower’s claims or about the alleged retaliation. The president’s son has admitted that his tax situation was under investigation, but he has maintained his innocence throughout.

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