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Israel is “alarmed” by a senior US general’s remarks on Iran, according to Axios

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Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley image

The issue of whether Washington would let Iranian nuclear weapons has been raised by senior Israeli officials.

Israel allegedly complained to the White House and requested “clarifications” after Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley told legislators that the US would never let Iran have a “fielded” nuclear weapon. Israel was concerned that Milley’s comments suggested a change in American policy.

According to Axios, when General Milley spoke before Congress last week and said that America “remains determined as a matter of policy that Iran would not have a deployable nuclear weapon,” Israeli authorities raised the alarm. the US “would accept Iran having a nuclear weapons program” as long as no warheads were “fielded” on a missile or other delivery mechanism, according to the source.

Milley’s testimony “alarmed Israeli defense and intelligence officials to the point they protested,”

Several hidden resources who gave information about the details coming from the office of Israeli Prime Minister, the Defense Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, and the Mossad spy agency.
Very clearly said by Tehran of having no plans to produce nuclear weapons and issued a religious briefings refusing the atomic bomb and other forms of WMD by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei . Yet, American representatives and their Israeli counterparts have persisted in charging that the Islamic Republic is working toward building nuclear weapons.

Days after the senior general was pressed by Israeli authorities to “clarify his words or withdraw them,” Milley made a similar statement regarding Iran at a different Congressional session but omitted the term “fielded.”

A senior Israeli source told Axios,
“We requested the Biden administration to correct it, and they did.

Nevertheless, Joseph Holstead, a spokesperson for the Joint Chiefs, subsequently said that US policy toward Iran “remains the same” and that Milley’s earlier comments were only “military jargon,” not indicative of any shift.

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