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Sudan officials say airstrike kills 17, including 5 children, in capital Khartoum

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Sudan officials say airstrike kills 17, including 5 children, in capital Khartoum image

As combat between opposing generals

competing for control of the nation continued an airstrike in Khartoum the capital of Sudan on Saturday killed at least 17 people including five children, according to health authorities.

One of the bloodiest battles between the military and the Rapid Support Forces, a potent paramilitary group operating in Khartoum and other regions of Sudan, occurred during the attack.

Both sides of the war immediately fell silent on Saturday and it was unclear if a drone or an aircraft had carried out the attack. According to reports the RSF has used drones and anti aircraft weapons to combat the military. RSF soldiers have often been assaulted by military aircraft. For More Information….

Combat between the military and the RSF broke out in the middle of April after months of escalating tensions.

The assault on Saturday was directed at the Yormouk neighborhood in southern Khartoum, the location of multiple prior clashes, according to the Sudanese Ministry of Health. An army-managed military complex is located in the area. In a Facebook post, the ministry said that at least 25 residences had suffered damage.

According to the government, the dead included five youngsters, as well as unspecified numbers of women and senior citizens. A hospital received several wounded patients.

According to a regional organization called

The Emergency Room that assists in coordinating humanitarian aid in the area, the assault left at least 11 people injured. It showed images of people sifting through the debris and homes that the airstrike had wrecked. Other images show that a guy and a female were both hurt.

The war has plunged the African country into lawlessness turning Khartoum and other major cities into battlegrounds. Residents and activists claim that from the start of the crisis the paramilitary force has been occupying homes and other civilian properties.

During the conflict several individuals were killed and other others were injured. In quest of safety in other parts of Sudan or in neighboring nations, more than 2.2 million individuals have deserted their homes.

Alongside the turmoil in Khartoum fighting has been happening in Darfur a large area in western Sudan. As a consequence of Genena the provincial capital of West Darfur province seeing some of the bloodiest fighting in the conflict tens of thousands of its residents fled to neighboring Chad.

Arab janjaweed militias allegedly entered the combat in Genena recently on the side of the RSF, according to locals and activists.

West Darfur Governor Khamis Abdalla Abkar, who was later abducted and killed, said that the RSF and other Arab militias were responsible for Wednesday’s attack on Genena.

His murder was allegedly committed by the RSF, a charge the paramilitary organization denied.

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