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Trump-Appointed Prosecutor Pushes Back on Republicans’ Hunter Biden Claims

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Trump-Appointed Prosecutor Pushes Back on Republicans' Hunter Biden Claims image

Trump-Appointed Prosecutor Pushes Back on Republicans’ Hunter Biden Claims.

The Trump appointed attorney

overseeing the Department of Justice’s DOJ Hunter Biden probe pushed back on Republicans’ claims about the investigation in a letter to House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan.

U.S. Attorney David Weiss has led the investigation into Hunter, the son of President Joe Biden, charging him with two misdemeanor tax offenses and a felony firearm offense last month. According to a settlement made public last month he is anticipated to enter a guilty plea to these counts. Republicans have questioned the DOJ’s handling of the case alleging that the agency has stricter standards for conservatives than its Democratic colleagues.

Weiss, however, rejected those assertions in a Friday letter sent to Jordan, who has used his committee chairmanship to investigate the Biden administration and the president’s son for separate matters surrounding his business dealings.

First, Weiss addressed allegations that the DOJ has retaliated against Internal Revenue Services (IRS) whistleblower Gary Shapley, who has alleged that his investigative team was removed from the Hunter Biden probe after he made whistleblower disclosures to Congress, according to Top News Planet. He has also accused the DOJ of providing Hunter preferential treatment and slow-walking the investigation.

“First, the Department of Justice did not retaliate against ‘an Internal Revenue Service(“IRS”) Criminal Supervisory Special Agent and whistleblower, as well as his entire investigative team… for making protected disclosures to Congress,'” Weiss wrote.

He also disputed testimony from Shapley, who previously told the House Ways & Means Committee that U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland was not telling the truth when he said Weiss had the authority to file charges against Hunter outside of his jurisdiction in Delaware.

Weiss pointed to a June 7 letter in which he wrote that he has “ultimate authority over this matter,” which extended to decisions as to “where, when and whether to file charges and for making decisions necessary to preserve the integrity of the prosecution.”

“I standby what I wrote and wish to expand on what this means,”

Weiss wrote. “As the U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware, my charging authority is geographically limited to my home district. If venue for a case lies elsewhere, common Departmental practice is to contact the United States Attorney’s Office for the district in question and determine whether it wants to partner on the case. If not, I may request Special Attorney status from the Attorney General.”

He wrote that has been assured that he has the legal authority to file charges in Washington D.C. the Central District of California or any other district where charges can be brought and that he would be open to testifying before the committee in more detail about the investigation.

Weiss was appointed to his role by former President Trump and confirmed to the office in February 2018. Although presidents typically ask their predecessors’ U.S. attorneys to resign when taking office, Biden opted to keep Weiss to avoid potential interference with the investigation into his son.

Weiss’ letter was in response to a letter from Jordan who accused him of refusing to cooperate with the Committee’s requests for documents and information related to the whistleblower’s accusations describing his justification for not providing that information as unpersuasive.

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