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Trump’s most recent allegations: Former president, who is defiant and claims that the US is “heading to hell,” seemed “genuinely scared” in court.

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Former president Donald Trump at the Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday

In a speech to supporters at his Mar-a-Lago property, former US President Donald Trump said the country was “going to hell” and has pleaded not guilty to 34 charges of fabricating company records.

What may come next for Trump?

It’s 4.45 in the morning in Florida, and Donald Trump’s odds of sleeping well are probably fairly slim.

The first former president to be charged with a crime, making history, To 34 felony charges of first-degree business record falsification, he entered a not guilty plea on Wednesday.
He could still be able to play in the future.

This is what may follow:

Trump’s next court appearance is set on December 4; any trial is anticipated to begin in January 2019.

His attorneys are trying to completely dismiss the case by submitting documents in the court. If the judge accepted the documents than the case will end.

After his indictment, Trump’s 2024 election campaign has raised $10 million.
Since his indictment five days ago, supporters of Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign have given $10 million, one of his top aides seems to have verified.

Jason Miller, who participated in both of Donald Trump’s prior presidential campaigns, provided the Reuters news agency with an article that included the amount.

Trump will “exploit” his legal case “for all he can,” the former deputy head of mission at the US embassy in London warned earlier today, collecting money and enlisting supporters.

Former prosecutor: Trump has to “stop up” and exercise greater caution.

According to a former federal and state prosecutor, Donald Trump has to “shut up.”

The former US president has come under fire for remarks he made about Juan Merchan, the judge overseeing his case, referring to him as a “Trump hate judge with a Trump-hating wife.”

Professor Frank Bowman said in an interview with Sky News that he would “never represent” Trump but that if he had any advice for him, it would be to “be more careful.”

He stated, “If I were his criminal attorney, I’d probably encourage him to stop talking and be more responsible but I don’t believe it is advice that he will ever accept.

Trump would probably see this episode as simply another in a “long succession of incidents in his public life,” according to Prof. Bowman, as he continues to run for president in 2024.

He claimed that when provoked, “his answer is just to turn, snarl, spit, and attack, and I don’t believe there’s anything, any defense could do that’s likely to muzzle him.”

Trump will “milk this for all he can” and might “win” the election once again.
Using this issue to his advantage, Donald Trump will “milk it for all he can,” according to the former deputy head of mission at the US embassy in London.

Before Trump’s next hearing on December 4th, there will be “a lot of back and forth,” according to Lewis Lukens, who was speaking to Sky News this morning. Trump will “rally his followers and generate money” during this period.

He mentioned the T-shirts with a false mugshot that Trump’s campaign produced yesterday, saying “He’s selling products already.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Lukens expressed concern that there is a “risk” that many Americans may become “tired” of his antics rapidly.

Despite this, he said that Trump could “probably win” another election for president provided he “kept to the script” and focused on the appropriate themes.

Mr. Lukens said, “But he appears incapable of doing that,” adding that people would become tired of hearing him “complain about how tough his life is.”

The indictment of Donald Trump: Beneficial or detrimental to his goals for 2024?
The firs american president who is charged with a crime is Donald Trump. But he still wants to be nominated as the Republican president.

Most of the Republicans thinks that he should allow to fight for elections even if he is charged with crime, according to a survey. Then why does he still fight so hard for them?

Sally Lockwood and James Matthews, one of our American correspondents, talk on the Sky News Daily.

Moreover, Sarah Elliott, a representative for Republicans Abroad UK, and Amy Tarkanian, a Republican strategist and the former head of the Nevada Republican Party, share their opinions.

In court, Trump “seemed genuinely concerned.”

According to a former UK ambassador to the US, Donald Trump went to court for his arraignment and seemed “genuinely scared.”

He has never genuinely had to confront this before, and it was a side of Donald Trump we hadn’t seen, looking a little weak, Baron Darroch remarked in an interview with Sky’s Kay Burley this morning.

He used the former US president’s Tuesday visit to his Florida home as an example of a “typical Trump” who “feeds off the enthusiasm of his fans,” comparing it to that.

Trump’s comments against the judge overseeing his case, according to Baron Darroch, are “walking a tightrope” – more on this in our article at 7.30 am.

According to a former GOP spokeswoman, the case against Trump is having a “backfiring impact.”
Evidence against Trump is “backfiring,” according to a former spokeswoman for the Republican Party of California, Donald Trump’s legal troubles are “backfiring” and he now has a double-digit lead over Ron DeSantis in the race for the GOP nomination for president in 2024.

In an interview with Sky News, Jennifer Kerns said that Democrats, who are still displeased with Trump’s victory in the 2016 election, are using the case against the former US president as “political prosecution.”

Being the target of political repression and now criminal prosecution, 150 million Americans believe this trial is as much about them as it is about Donald Trump, she added.

Many people including MS. Kerns resident of New York said that why the district attorney is not much interested with problems that are disturbing their daily lives, for example crime.
We spent $200 million today because the Democrats were unable to accept the results of the 2016 election, she said.

When asked whether she agreed with Trump’s remarks from last night that the US was “going to hell,” Ms. Kerns said that it is “absolutely the case” based on economic statistics and the nation’s foreign policies.

“Trump kept us secure. For the first three years of his government, no one dared launch a nuclear missile from North Korea, but now that Chinese surveillance balloons are circling above, “Added she. Republican Party spokesman

Fake Trump mugshots may be seen on T-shirts and social media.

These are just a handful of the pictures that have surfaced after the former US president’s arrest yesterday, even though the 76-year-old has never really posed for one.

Only fingerprints were taken on the time of Trumps arresting no mugshot was made, aid by the two law persons.

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