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US set to cease scientific, tech cooperation with Israeli entities over Green Line

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US set to cease scientific, tech cooperation with Israeli entities over Green Line image

US set to cease scientific, tech cooperation with Israeli entities over Green Line.

The United States

has told Israel that it will cease scientific and technological cooperation with entities in the West Bank the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem returning to a long running policy that had been reversed under then US president Donald Trump it was reported on Sunday.

The Kan public broadcaster said the move was a return to the directive that there would be no scientific and technological cooperation in the areas defined by an unnamed US State Department official to the network as beyond the 1967 Green Line and “which remain subject to negotiations on their permanent status.”

The policy was briefly reversed under former US president Donald Trump, when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then-US ambassador David Friedman signed an agreement that removed all previous geographic restrictions from the two countries’ scientific cooperation.

The two signed a protocol that amended three 1970s agreements that form the basis for bilateral scientific cooperation. Those agreements had stipulated that cooperative projects “may not be conducted in geographical areas which came under the administration of the State of Israel after June 5, 1967, and may not relate to subjects primarily pertinent to such areas.”

An unnamed US State Department official told Kan that the updated directive “simply reflects the position of the United States over the years,” according to a Hebrew translation provided by the outlet.

“We are working toward negotiations for a two-state solution, where Israel lives in peace and security alongside a viable Palestinian state,” the US official said.

The official noted that the US is greatly appreciative of scientific cooperation “with the startup nation,” and emphasized that this would continue.

The Walla news site said Israel had been informed of the decision by the US around two weeks ago and that the decision was most likely to mainly impact research at Ariel University in the West Bank.

The report said that

while the decision to reverse the Trump administration’s policy had been made around two years ago, it had only become relevant when a grant application was recently submitted for a scientific project at Ariel University.

At the same time as it informed Israel, the US State Department also notified a number of US ministries of the return to the pre-October 2020 policy, the report said.

There was no immediate comment from Netanyahu’s government on the matter.

The Green Line demarcated between Israel and its neighbors under the 1949 Armistice Agreements that ended Israel’s War of Independence.During the 1967 Six Day War Israel captured the Golan Heights East Jerusalem the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. After taking over the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem Israel finally removed forcefully from the Gaza Strip in violation of international law.

In along with officially accepting the occupation of the Golan Heights the Trump team also restored the US embassy from the Israeli city of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem confirming Israel’s claim that the latter is its unbroken capital.

Israel has in the past signed cooperation agreements that exclude entities beyond the Green Line. The European Union has taken a similar position over the years on not funding projects that are conducted outside the borders of Israel proper.

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